Multipub's solution powers the day-to-day operations of publishers, simplifying subscription management, supporting complex accounting, automating fulfillment, and connecting seamlessly with their websites to grow audiences and circulation. A trusted partner, our solution has served magazines, newspapers, data providers, and university presses and journal publishers for over 40 years.

One of Multipub's most powerful attributes is our system's flexibility. Not only can you configure thousands of system settings to fit your company, we can also provide custom programming to solve complex business requirements.

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Simplify Subscription Management

Multipub tracks every order and all the details that go along with it. It increases accuracy and efficiency by automating parts of the subscription-management process, such as renewals. Publishers use it to support recurring billing and manage separate, but related subscribers in a single group.

Seamlessly Manage Orders

Fulfilling tangible or electronic goods is simple with Multipub. Our fulfillment capabilities increase efficiency and reduce errors by automating aspects of fulfillment. To meet the demands of today's changing market, it can process all your products, both subscription-based and one-off, in one system, using as many delivery methods as you need.

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Increase Accuracy

Multipub is the most robust subscription accounting system on the market. It can help you analyze revenue and increase efficiency and accuracy. Let it calculate sales tax and manage currency from around the world.

Streamline with One Solution for Events and Products

Multipub handles more than just subscription data. With it, you can manage conferences, trade shows and other events. This module allows publishers to collect registrations and communicate with attendees in one place.

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Grow Your Business

Easily analyze your current and prospective customer base. Use Multipub to access comprehensive business intelligence data and manage renewals and other marketing campaigns. Our platform also allows you to rotate your circulation and build your database.

Works With You

Multipub was designed to integrate with several third-party programs, which means you can keep your existing infrastructure and eliminate time-consuming data entry. Learn how we can make your data work for you by creating a best-of-breeds system unique to your business.

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Easily Manage Every Detail

Multipub's single-copy sales module was designed to help publishers manage every aspect of their largest customers' accounts. With our platform, you can track multiple locations and help trucks and carriers manage deliveries and returns.

Support Valued Partners

Our Carrier Delivery System can be personalized to your business. Manage the details of your unique set-up and track the data that matter to you. With it, you can assign routes automatically and create customized rates to best incentivize drivers.

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