Our Partnership Approach

The moment we accept a new client, we become a true partner who drives measurable results. We take great pride in understanding the critical nature of your business, your customers, your content, your commerce and your processes. We are dedicated to generating more revenue for you, while lowering your total cost of ownership and decreasing your operating costs.

Our Solutions for Publishers

Deepen your understanding of your audience, so that you can tailor content and advertising into truly individualized offerings. To do this, you must break down data silos. Continuum allows you to unify fulfillment, email service providers, ecommerce, self-service and user tracking for a 360-degree view of your reader.

Ellington CMS is purpose-built for award-winning online newspaper and media teams. Manage content, users, social media, local business services, videos and more - all in one place - with an enterprise-level CMS without the enterprise-level cost.

A subscription management system, Multipub's database powers the day-to-day operations of publishers. Our audience management platform is designed to help organizations work more efficiently, while increasing accuracy. Multipub handles complex accounting, automates fulfillment, and provides businesses with the data needed to grow their audience and circulation.

Duet is a powerful, economical digital-to-print edition workflow solution linking CMS platforms with Adobe InDesign. Editors and print page designers can work from the Web CMS instead of two separate systems, always having the current version available to all. This makes your workflow far more efficient and saves publishers money.

Powerful publishing solutions, better together

Our solutions work great alone, but you'll gain even more efficiencies, engagement and sales when you pair them with other solutions from our product family.

Who says service is not a feature?

Benefit from decades of real-world experience in publishing and in developing solutions for publishers. We are committed to support, turnaround and execution. Problems are addressed within minutes, turnaround times on new features and functionality requests are swift - and with engineers monitoring our support portal around the cloud, you can be assured your site is our top priority.