Your website is the living, beating heart of your media business: where content, audience data, advertising, marketing and sales should work together to streamline workflow, engage readers and increase sales.

Within one holistic system, Continuum's hybrid CMS empowers publishers to:

  • Create, manage, distribute and monetize content
  • Capture and capitalize on reader behavior
  • Enhance audience engagement
  • Grow sales through eCommerce

It is not our long list of rich features and functionality that makes Continuum different. It's how they work together to help you realize your goals.

Grow and diversify revenue streams

Continuum's tools serve nearly every publishing business model. Monetize your content with actionable audience data, tiered and repurposed content and built-in ecommerce.

  • Maximize sales of advertising, sponsorships and lead generation.
  • Support intelligent product offers and target your marketing.
  • Integrate virtual and live event marketing into your platform.

Streamline your operations

Continuum brings together online and print, editorial management, audience data, marketing and sales in one dashboard to remove silos, and increase productivity and efficiencies with improved workflow and integrations with dozens of vendors. Manage multiple websites from one set of tools, and end your dependence on multiple applications.

Turbocharge your audience data

Deepen your understanding of your audience, so that you can tailor content and advertising into truly individualized offerings. To do this, you must break down data silos. Continuum allows you to unify fulfillment, email service providers, ecommerce, self-service and user tracking for a 360-degree view of your reader.

Become the hub of your industry

With Continuum, you can be that dynamic, useful resource for your niche, enhancing brand loyalty, and increasing sales, pageviews and time on site. With fresh new design and user experience, engage your readers with the latest news, videos, podcasts, research and more, whether they want to stay on top of best practices, attend a conference or find a vendor.

Continuum Insights

Insights provides a comprehensive view of known and unknown reader activity. It pulls demographic, usage and behavioral data from offline and online sources into a multi-dimensional data visualization and analytics tool for valuable insights.

  • Gain valuable, actionable insights
  • Generate and export targeted marketing lists
  • Drive audience growth and engagement

  • ePublishing not only provided the technology behind those projects, they also provided ongoing support and solutions to help market our webinars better.

    - Marcus Ulian, Director of Marketing Services, BusinessWatch Network

    Deliver more to your advertisers

    Be the fulcrum of your industry, where your advertisers know their buyers routinely visit. Create unique content sponsorship programs. Give advertisers opportunities to tailor marketing to your audience and capture relevant leads with improved ad targeting, contextually related messaging and buyers' guide tools with RFQs.

    Harness the power of our API

    ePublishing tapped the power of GraphQL to create an API that provides access to all your data so you can use it as you see fit — anytime and anywhere. GraphQL is developer-friendly, allowing you to construct flexible queries and return the data precisely as you need it. Head on over to our GraphQL Documentation and see how you can leverage the full power of ePublishing's API.

    Powerful publishing solutions, better together

    Continuum works great alone, but you'll gain even more efficiencies, engagement and sales when you pair it with other solutions from our product family.

    Case Studies



    BioWorld migrated to ePublishing’s CMS in 2019, completing their journey to consolidate brands, encourage cross sales, move from next-day to same-day news delivery, and transition away from PDFs to get more readers on site.

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