Simplify workflow and collaboration

Duet connects CMS platforms with Adobe InDesign, establishing the publication, issue and page structure in your CMS platform. Then, your teams can create content in the Web CMS, assigning it to a page. It's the ultimate in flexible workflows. Reporters, photographers, editors and designers can work from your CMS where content is assigned to pages. Designers can drag and drop content onto the page. Visual status indicators provide output workflow visibility to production, and ads and folios are automatically placed. Duet provides a one-click output-to-folder structure.

Enhance designer productivity

Duet can be loaded onto a designer's workstation for access to content at their fingertips, and it doesn't get in the way of layout creativity. Designers will love that it supports merging pages, double truck pages, workflow status of pages, naming conventions and automatic placement for folios and ROP ads, as well as creation of PDFs sent to output folder structures.

Save money with greater efficiency and flexible storage

Duet saves publishers on the cost of print page production. Plus, Duet provides publishers with choices regarding where pages can be stored, whether on a local server or cloud-based system. And publishers can set their own cost structure for page storage.

Case Studies



BioWorld migrated to ePublishing’s CMS in 2019, completing their journey to consolidate brands, encourage cross sales, move from next-day to same-day news delivery, and transition away from PDFs to get more readers on site.

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