ALM Manages Complex Product Offering with Multipub


ALM Manages Complex Product Offering with Multipub

July 19, 2022


ALM is a business-to-business publisher offering resources and events to customers in legal, benefits, financial services, commercial real estate and insurance industries.


ALM has been a Multipub client since 1991. Over the course of our partnership, they have embraced the changing landscape of publishing and transformed their product line. Currently, their products include combinations of subscriptions, books, bundles, consulting services and more – all of which can be purchased by day, month, year or as one-off sales. They needed a system that could handle their complex offerings, as well as sales tax calculations, foreign currency and supplements, while still providing in-depth accounting and royalty calculations.


With Multipub, ALM is can use a unified database to manage the fulfillment and accounting of their various product lines. And, as ALM has grown through acquisition, we have converted these products into our platform, enabling ALM to use one system to recognize revenue and meet their extensive accounting requirements.

"ALM has been using Multipub for over 25 years. As we've added new offerings, they have continued to work with us to create solutions that fit our business. Their commitment to evolving and developing their platform has ensured that we grow together." - Michael Sciglibaglio, Director, Customer Service Operations, ALM


  • Manages a wide variety of product offerings, including bundles.
  • Offers installment billing capabilities.
  • Supports daily, monthly and annual products.
  • Handles foreign currency and sales tax.