From the inventors of Django comes Ellington CMS, purpose-built for award-winning online news teams and local media news websites. Manage content, users, social media, local business services, videos and more – all in one place – with an enterprise-level CMS without the enterprise-level cost.

Drive more revenue through subscriptions, advertising and other channels

Ellington's built-in paywall and metering capabilities provide a seamless process for signing up new subscribers and a leak-proof paid-content strategy that doesn't rely on third-party cookies. Leverage SEO strategies that drive readership and traffic, easily manage ad campaigns to drive revenue from new traffic, and maximize revenue potential by combining ad targeting with social media.

Manage content across channels

Manage multiple content types and publish them across channels. This platform allows for simple geo-tagging and powerful template management, including control of site design with access to templates, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. With it, you can offer readers immersive storytelling, videos, podcasts, related content and social curation. They'll also have access to a site-wide search engine with advanced filtering.

Spark conversation in your community

Meet the needs of an on-demand, mobile consumer. Ellington's social tools build open communities around your content. Collaborate with readers and create new channels to increase audience and site traffic. Develop and manage multimedia blogs for staff and users, community blog groups and customizable user profiles. And easily track reader engagement and comments.

Engage and entertain

With Ellington's search and directory platforms, you'll quickly become the preferred destination for news, entertainment and business information in your communities. Facilitate reader- and staff-generated geo-coded local events, as well as self-serve geo-coded business directories. Offer restaurant and movie listings, local classifieds, customizable search alerts and customizable metadata and search recommendations.

Report from anywhere

Report from the field on mobile devices. The platform has seamless mobile reporting capabilities ranging from photo uploads to content input, a perfect fit for local and fast-moving publications.

Spend less on infrastructure, IT and maintenance

Ensure your team is working at peak performance with Ellington CMS. You have full access to change or update your look however you see fit, but our team is available to assist in design and functionality changes. We can also connect you with a network of contractors to get the more complicated work done.

Ellington delivers your sites blazingly fast on a next-generation cloud network with world-class security and legendary stability. And with our 24/7 service and support, you can spend less on IT staff and tech support and let Ellington CMS carry the load instead.

Powerful publishing solutions, better together

Ellington works great alone, but you’ll gain even more efficiencies, engagement and sales when you pair it with other solutions from our product family.

Case Studies



BioWorld migrated to ePublishing’s CMS in 2019, completing their journey to consolidate brands, encourage cross sales, move from next-day to same-day news delivery, and transition away from PDFs to get more readers on site.

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