Years ago, we collaborated with industry leaders to add targeted features to our audience management platform, Multipub. Through this partnership, we fine-tuned our robust solution to better meet the needs of University Presses and Journal Publishers. Since that time, we’ve grown our footprint in the industry, serving organizations, like yours, from Hawaii to Liverpool. 

Manage open access, site licenses, entitlements, eBooks, printed books, journals, conferences, multiple currencies and packaged or bundled products in one system. Designed for you, Multipub handles volume and issue numbers and your work with consortias. 

Streamline your workflow and data with our platform’s powerful integrations. Multipub works with agencies, like Ebsco and integrates with content hosting providers, such as Atypon, Silverchair, Highwire, Discover, and others.

Features Designed to Power Journals & University Presses


Subscription Management

  • Renewal notices
  • Automatic renewals
  • Automatic expire/suspend/cancel for non-response
  • Calendar- or rolling-start subscriptions
  • Manage bundles with the percentage of sales amount attributed differently to each product
  • Group subscriptions
  • Step up pricing
  • Manage subscription agencies


  • Print issue fulfillment
  • Email delivery
  • Product pick/pack/ship
  • Inventory management
  • Export builder to export data in any format for any source for issues, invoices, renewals, and shipments


  • Journal entries with mapping to your GL system
  • Line-item accounting
  • Earned revenue reporting
  • Deferred revenue reporting
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger report
  • Month-end processing
  • Foreign currency with API integration for exchange rates
  • Sales tax calculation and reporting
  • Unlimited number of merchant accounts in one system (manage multiple business units)
  • All the major credit card processors
  • ACH payment processing
  • Integrates to GL systems via API or FTP transfer
  • Royalty module to pay author royalties
  • Accounting for individual components of a bundle
  • Invoicing for individuals, groups, and agencies
  • Print one invoice or statement for individuals or groups
  • Proforma invoices for managing proforma orders, prepay required subscribers, and quotes


  • Renewals
  • Step up pricing
  • Renewal reporting
  • Build promotions with products, prices, lists, premiums, and costs
  • P&L reporting on elements of promotions
  • Group renewal management

CRM System

  • Create activities for renewal efforts and assign to telesales reps
  • Schedule calls, emails, and follow-up activities
  • Record an unlimited number of comments and notes
  • View all activity


  • Paywall
  • Site licenses
  • New orders, renewal orders, and payments on invoices
  • Magic links from invoices/renewals pre-populate forms on website

General Functionality

  • User-defined screens
  • Query software to build your own reports/outputs
  • Reports available to print, download, .pdf, email, .csv, etc
  • Security system to manage which aspects of software are available to which users
  • Unlimited number of demographic fields available
  • Barcode/scan module for rapid data entry
  • Import tool to define import layouts for importing data of any type from any source
  • SendGrid integration for emailing invoices, renewals, issues, and notices
  • Scheduling software for scheduling jobs to run automatically at designated dates/times

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