Email Marketing: What is Working for You?


Email Marketing: What is Working for You?

May 22, 2015

We recently talked about what BtoB publishers can do if email marketing isn’t delivering—but it’s equally important to know what is working for you. It’s also helpful to share that with others. So, we’re hoping that you’ll read this post and be compelled to share your success stories.

In the meantime, ask these 8 questions of your email marketing campaign, to help shed more light on where the magic in your success may lie:

  1. Which facet of your audience is most responsive to your email efforts—and what features do the emails most responded to have in common?
  2. What email format delivers the most for you? Is it HTML? Are your mobile-responsive emails taking the cake?
  3. When are you sending your emails and do those sent at one time of day gain more than others? What about in comparison to high traffic times? Are the emails that get the most results being sent during lulls or rushes?
  4. Have you compared results between mass emails and one-to-one emails? Next, have you cross-compared that metric with audience persona of respondents and time of day?
  5. How long are your most effective emails? Short and sweet, or a little . . . bit . . . lengthy?
  6. Are you playing with image? Are you using just one or two powerful images or several mediocre images? How’s that working out for you?
  7. Are you relying on industry surveys and data to inform your email campaign or are you tracking your own data and observations—or both?
  8. Are you testing and comparing methods? If so, how diligently?

Perhaps you can take some time to answer these questions for yourself—and maybe you’d like to share what you find with us. Regardless, we hope they’ll provide valuable insight to making a good tool great.