BtoB Marketing: Six Tips for Getting It Right


BtoB Marketing: Six Tips for Getting It Right

November 17, 2014

We get it: marketing isn’t what it used it be. It’s more than what it used to be. You’ve got numerous channels to navigate and limited resources. Let’s talk about how to maximize the value of each facet—traditional, digital, social and mobile—in order to create an ROI that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

1.     Know your audience. Sound familiar? Your customer is the core of what you do. You know that. Are you maximizing the value of your data and engaging effectively with your audience to understand them better?

2.     Start with what works. If you are currently using marketing tactics that show great results, stick with them! Next, take the time to look at what it is that makes those tactics work and think about ways you can tweak them to suit or enhance other channels. For example, you may be able to build on a specific tactic by incorporating social media efforts to glean new customers and reward existing customers.

3.     Be honest with yourself. We can’t expect to do everything perfectly. So, it’s okay to look at what you do and identify your weaknesses, but also celebrate your strengths. Again, knowing your strengths enables you to identify opportunities; knowing your weaknesses can help you to identify what might be limiting your approach. For instance, if you haven’t dialed in your mobile responsiveness or your automation, you are likely missing out on a lot of opportunities. Make sure you have the proper infrastructure in place for growth and to support the efforts you undertake to expand the reach of your marketing.

4.     Explore each channel. Take the time to analyze and research the most current version of each marketing channel. Understand how they work and why. Then look at them in the context of your business and more specifically, your customers.

  • What devices do people use to access your content and when?
  • Do you have a highly social audience?
  • If so, what platforms do they prefer?
  • When does the print medium work for your audience?
  • Is your taxonomy set up to respond to the various segments of your audience?

Just because Ello is getting all kinds of press, doesn’t mean it’s right for your audience. Just because BYOD is becoming a reality, doesn’t mean your audience will suddenly connect with you solely on a tablet. That’s why it is important to understand each channel in the context of your audience, because you can make deliberate and more focused choices that better serve your audience.

5.     Never lose site of quality. We can never emphasize this enough. In order to break through the mountains of choices today’s readers have, you’ve got to hook them with quality, relevant content. Know what sets you apart, give them useful tools/information and be human.

6.     Invest in training. You can’t possibly reach your target audience if your team isn’t selling a cohesive message with a comprehensive understanding of what you do for your audience and how you do it. Make sure your marketing team knows the channels intimately and how to apply the goals, messages and tone through each channel.

Working with these six tactics will likely give you a greater sense of control and a clearer picture of how you can create a multi-faceted marketing strategy.