3 Social Platforms for BtoB Publishers to Watch in 2015


3 Social Platforms for BtoB Publishers to Watch in 2015

January 23, 2015

If predictions are right, you will find yourself shifting your social strategy this year. There is no question that some social networks are better suited to your audience than others. Let’s take a look at the 3 you should be watching in 2015.

1)   It’s no surprise that LinkedIn should remain on your list. With millions of publishers using the platform, increasingly valuable and dynamic influencer posts and ongoing adaptations built for publishers, it’s a no brainer. The platform is all about professional engagement.

3 Tips for LinkedIn

There are ample tactics you can use to improve your presence on the platform, but start with these three:

  • Know and support your network. Who are you interacting with on LinkedIn? Are they sales reps, editors or CEOs? Make sure you provide content that supports the needs and experiences of the specific networks you are in.
  • Always be professional. LinkedIn isn’t about your puppies and kittens—unless they are being used to drive relevant traffic to your site. Respect the community, share professional, accessible expertise, but avoid getting personal. That’s for your personal Facebook page.
  • Be real. There is a fine line between authenticity and over sharing on social platforms, walk it with confidence. Share your unique point of view and advice from your own professional experiences. That will support real engagement and minimize the chances of getting too personal.

2)   Get moving with Vimeo. You know that video and other multimedia are essential in today’s publishing strategies. Sure, it was YouTube that took the world by storm, but Vimeo is setting itself apart. The platform just partnered with publishers, The Atlantic, CBS Interactive and The Enthusiast Network to sell on-demand videos on their sites, and earn a piece of the pie. With over 55 million monthly visitors and more than 50,000 titles, Vimeo is not one to ignore, especially with proven dedication to staying ahead of the technological evolution.

3 Perks of Vimeo

We’re operating under the assumption that a lot of publishers don’t know much about Vimeo. If you do one thing this year, take time to get to know the platform. A few of the perks:

  • High quality video. That’s one consistent comment about the platform: the quality is notable, and sustains itself when embedded in your own site.
  • Collaborative happy. Vimeo interfaces well with editorial workflows, so the review process is seamless.
  • Creative community. Vimeo is full of artists and designers. Want to delve into great infographics or get inspiration for new videos? You’ll get a lot of encouragement on the platform.

3)   Slideshare it. Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, so technically, if you dive deeper into LinkedIn, you may find yourself using Slideshare by default. But, don’t wait for that. Be proactive about Slideshare, because it’s proving itself as the definitive way to share professional presentations, infographics, documents, videos, webinars, etc. Essentially, it’s a great way to support your shift to a digital-first strategy.

Think about this:
  • Slideshare receives 500% more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Slideshare has delivered thousands of qualified leads a year to just one company using the platform. That’s not anomalous.
  • Shorter and more visual content seems to be a winner, with the average number of slides and words falling from 2013 to 2014.

After taking time to understand this trio, make sure your content management systems allows you to interface seamlessly with each of them—and start experimenting!