7 Qualities to Turn BtoB Shoppers into Loyal Buyers

November 10, 2014

Recent Forrester research revealed that BtoB buyers aren’t quite enamored by supplier websites. They’ve come to expect the kind of fast, friendly, seamless and effortless experience they are getting on consumer sites, but much of BtoB eCommerce falls short. How can BtoB publishers get up to par?  Here are a few key qualities that buyers look for in a BtoB commerce site:

1)   High Trust. Consumers want a product and brands that they trust. As a publisher, that translates to high-quality, credible content and reputable products supported by credible reviews.

2)   Speed and Efficiency. This is about delivering a secure, seamless purchasing experience with minimal steps and distractions that can often lead to cart abandonment. Use auto-fill to speed registered customers through bill-to and ship-to forms, and offer multiple payment options - credit card, purchase order, Paypal.  Seal the deal and build loyalty with timely delivery of products and high-touch customer service.

3)   Convenience. Give your customers choices, and make it easy to shop the way they like: browse or search by topic, media or price. Make site search a breeze; use a strong taxonomy system to present products your customers may not have considered, while reducing the steps to purchasing.

4)   Relevant Content: Contextual selling is about giving customers what they are looking for and then giving them even more to support their specific interests. Buyers look for information and content that enhances their original purchase: webinars, social media, podcasts, video, infographics, case studies, mobile apps and services—even events—are sure to keep them coming back.

5)   Clear Costs. It’s not only important for buyers to understand what they are paying for, it’s also critical that there aren’t any hidden costs with their purchases—whether in shipping, renewal or upgrades. They want to know the total cost of ownership in regards to money, time, training and staffing.

6)   Reasonable Costs. There is no getting around it: if you offer exceptional value - quality content and services, delivered when and where it's needed, at a competitive price - your customers will become repeat customers.

7)   Special Offers and Discounts. Why not? Customers want to know that they are valued and appreciated.  Test what works best: percentage discounts, bundle discounts, even BOGO.  Renewals, upgrades and add-ons should be rewarded, while special offers will create incentives to try new products.

You’ve already got the ability to provide a quality product, just make sure your platform and technology are poised to grow and meet consumer expectations.