A website’s success via the Search Engines is a result of many things working together:

  • A properly structured site enabling Search Engines to see it
  • Page elements ensuring targeted words stand out to the Search Engines
  • Keywords that are closely aligned with converting on your business goals
  • Sufficient depth on the site to be competitive

While the Search Engines regularly change algorithms, these fundamental tactics are evergreen – and necessary to ensure site health.  Regular analysis and attention will reward you with top listings that are essential to both high traffic numbers and subsequent conversions.

ePublishing’s SEO services include comprehensive analysis and reporting on your website’s current status, alongside a roadmap for success of your targeted keywords on the top search engines, weighted against your competition.

Our in-depth reporting includes:

  • Analytics Analysis
  • Keyword Selection
  • Directory & Site Structure Direction
  • Page Title Scheme Direction
  • Page Headers Scheme Direction
  • Link Usage & Naming Direction
  • Breadcrumbs Scheme Direction
  • Website Copywriting Direction

    URL Formatting & Naming Scheme Direction
  • Meta Descriptions Format
  • Meta Keywords Direction
  • Image Naming Scheme Direction
  • Images Alt Tag Naming Scheme Direction
  • Meta Robots Text Recommendations
  • Robots.Txt Recommendations
  • Nofollow Recommendations
  • Site Map Creation And Manual Submissions To Top Engines And Indexes