Continuum and Ellington Are Now AI-Powered: Boost Productivity and Visibility


Continuum and Ellington Are Now AI-Powered: Boost Productivity and Visibility

February 16, 2024

With more competition and fewer staff members, media companies are increasingly doing more with less. In ePublishing’s latest Continuum and Ellington releases, we’ve increased AI functionality to boost productivity, drive creativity, and increase visibility with better SEO. 

“When we developed these features, we thought a lot about our clients' needs. They’re engineered to improve workflow by supporting editors, writers, and content creators with quick deadlines,” said Kelli Chmielorz, Vice President of Product at ePublishing. 

With the touch of a button, users can find inspiration for articles, generate unique images, or add keywords and eye-catching headlines. 

Here’s how our platforms use AI to improve productivity and increase effectiveness for publishing businesses:

Kickstart Your Writing

The AI-enabled text editor in Continuum and Ellington inspires your writers to ask the right questions and pull in the proper research for their articles. Simply choose the AI button, ask a question, or type in a topic. Within seconds, sentences will appear as the base of a first draft. The tool helps writers move beyond the blank page. 

Write Headlines That Engage

Headlines matter. They determine whether an article will be read or ignored online. The AI-powered headline creator in Continuum automatically generates SEO-friendly headline options. Once selected, reporters can customize their choice.

Add Original Eye Appeal

Instead of spending hours searching for online photography or designing graphics, users can generate an image using AI in Continuum. A single click creates candidate images based on the article's content. Another button push will upload the image and associate it with the article. This feature saves teams time and allows publishers who don’t have a photographer on staff to add original imagery to their websites.

Get in Front of Your Ideal Reader

Stop spending hours creating something that may not be seen. Using the power of AI, Continuum can help you help your readers find your content. Instead of spending time choosing which taxonomies to use for great SEO, this tool auto-scans and presents the best keyword options. Add to the article with one click.

Depending on your organization’s preferences, AI can be turned on or off within Continuum or Ellington.

“We specifically designed these tools to offer inspiration and increase visibility online,” said Chmielorz. 

For more information or to see these capabilities in action, contact Kelli Chmielorz, Vice President of Products at ePublishing.