Directories and Classifieds

Directories and Classifieds can now be duplicated, enabling quick creation of these content types. 

Media Manager

To boost efficiency, you can now create a folder while uploading a media asset. 

Product Manager

Show More fields will now pin the fields added to a product. After updating a system setting, the fields added will be available on new products without having to be selected again. Learn more here.

Taxonomy Manager

Continuum now supports colors associated with workflow planning taxonomies. Users can create their own colors and assign them to planning tags. This feature enhances a workflow screen to make it more visually informative, so users can see a project’s current stage with a quick glance.. 

Classified Ads

Control which fields are required when creating a classified ad in Continuum with the system setting classified required fields. This is perfect for our clients who don’t require a phone number or email address for readers to self-serve a classified ad. Now, you can define the requirements that make the most sense for your business. 

User Privileges

Continuum now allows system administrators to control who can access bulk editing of an article’s metadata. With the new, user privilege option, they can allow or deny user access to better protect the content in their system. Discover how it works here.