Continuum Multi-Site Synchronization Released


Continuum Multi-Site Synchronization Released

May 1, 2022

Media Manager

When adding new images these images will be available at the top of the list in Media Manager. 

PDF files now support the ability to have a thumbnail associated to them. 


HTML line wrap option has been added to HTML Newsletters view. This allows for an easier way to read the HTML.


TimeZone update Events are now associated with a region of the world - such as America/Chicago. The event time will automatically adjust to Standard or Daylight Savings time based on its date.

Multi-Site Synchronization

This feature allows you to synchronize content and the edits to specific pieces of content across any or all of the sites in your site family.

Content that can be synchronized Articles, Directory Listings, and Events can be tagged with a Synchronization taxonomy. Any content tagged with this taxonomy will copy any updated records, including new records, and associated data records and tags  to all the sites in the site family.  This is done by checking the last time the record was updated.  If it was updated after the last synchronization check it will then make the copy. Reach out to your Project Manager to disucss if Multi-Site Synchronization is right for your teams.