Continuum SEO Enhancements Released


Continuum SEO Enhancements Released

February 24, 2022

SEO Features Knowledge Base Article

  • SEO on Authors
  • SEO on Videos
  • SEO on Directory Listings
  • SEO on Topics Taxonomy 

Editorial Content Areas

Editing of Editorial Content names is now supported. Knowledge Base Article

User Manager

Filtering abilities now support filtering for None. Using this filter will provide a list of users that don't have any subscriptions. 

Article Manager

Article taxonomy typeahead now allows for the selection of more than one term allowing for quick selection and applying of taxonomies. 

When unlocking an article before the article has been saved the user will get a message stating that the article has not been saved. 

Workflow Manager

Managing if the assigned to or assigned from gets an email notification is available by a system setting. Knowledge Base Article