New Functionality Allows Publishers to Set Reactivation Policies by Customer Type

April 21, 2022

Today, we’re excited to share a recent development that was added to our subscription management system. Now, users can set reactivation policies by rate code. The new change allows publishers to establish different policies for different types of subscribers, frequently designated by the rate code assigned to the order. In the past, this functionality was exclusively available at the product level.

With the new feature, organizations can choose to suspend or extend an expire date by rate code. This enhancement offers publishers increased flexibility and supports a more targeted approach. For example, they could handle the reactivation of a student, who is paying a discounted rate, differently than a long-term client who’s been a subscriber for years.

Using this new functionality, publishers can set other terms as well. For example, some organizations, like universities, schools or law firms, collect every issue of a publication. For these entities, Multipub users can elect to send them back copies upon reactivation. However, other businesses might wish to receive additional issues by extending their expiration date.

How to Set-Up Reactivation Policies by Rate Code

  • Start by accessing your system’s rate codes, located on the Product Related submenu under Setup.
  • Then, choose the Suspension/Cancellation tab.
  • Next, go to the “Suspend Reactivation Policy” dropdown menu. Here, users can determine if they’d like to use the product’s default settings or if they’d prefer to serve back issues or extend the expire date.