Events list in Continuum


Continuum Event Manager Updates Released

April 4, 2022

Continuum clients that manage multiple sites will no longer have to input their user login and password when browsing from one site to another from within Continuum.

Keyword Restriction - Continuum  now supports the ability to define who is allowed to add keywords to the keyword application KB article 

Update search to not requiring the typing of ID: search by ID by simply entering your ID - no more id:####[space bar]

Forgot Password - "We have updated our native "Forgot Password" retrieval process. This new process follows suggestions made following a security audit and is the first feature in a series of User security features that we will be rolling out over the next several months. It includes an updated password reset email that sends an encrypted token in a link to a new Password Reset page. If you are using ePublishing for login/registration, please review the new How does the Forgot Password Feature work? KB article and plan to take two action steps to change / add content to the two Editorial Content areas as described in the article.

Events - The list of Events has been updated to include the number of Attendees for each event in the list. The amount of Attendees number in the list will link you to the Attendees tab in the selected event.

Event Time Zones - We are also excited to release updates to our Event time zones. Time zones will now be location-based and will adjust labels automatically for Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time. We have rearranged the Event Editor by moving the Location information up the page and defaulting the Country to the United States. The Date/Time information sits below that with a list of all US time zones and representative cities to choose from. Existing events will remain unchanged, and you will see the time zone abbreviation listed in the editor. If your event is outside the US, simply change the country location and the Timezone list will be updated with a new list of timezone locations. On the front end, times are now included on the Event list page, and dates are no longer repeated if the event begins and ends the same day. You can read more about it in the Knowledge Base article How do I create an  event?