A New Way to Handle Your Content

Dinah is our last version of the year, and what a year it's been. Dinah is going to bring an entirely new way to manage your content. Currently, Ellington has over 90 applications for various verticals that you are free to use. With Dinah, we are going to start the process of consolidating a lot of those applications and wrapping them into a new application called Custom Content. Custom Content is designed to be a way for your staff to manage what fields and applications are needed via the Ellington Admin. Do you need a new custom vertical with it's own custom fields? You'll be able to build it in Dinah and start collecting that information and displaying using regular template tags back to your users.

Furthermore, we will be adding the ability to tack on Custom Content Fields to existing models in Ellington. This will facilitate the ability to build custom registration forms or tailor our apps to your users specifically. We will post more information regarding this in our help docs, so stay tuned.

Starting in Dinah.F7 we are opening the Paywall API so you can now integrate 3rd party sites into your subscription models. Whether you are checking for subscription durations, plans, status', or are just wanting to use a third party for your registration and subscription workflow and then insert the user into Ellington. All is possible with the Paywall API.

Some minor, but useful, features that will release with Dinah this quarter are Auto Filled Bylines, which will automatically fill out the byline based on the current user logged in.