Are your digital and print workflows still separate?

June 17, 2021

Most publishers we meet have one workflow for print. When the print publication is finished, they place that copy online. These separate processes add up to a lot of lost time each month. Why would you want two workflows?

DUET is ePublishing’s new powerful digital-to-print edition workflow solution that allows you to place content from your CMS directly into Adobe InDesign. It’s a modern tool for a digital-first strategy.

With DUET, you can:

  • Simplify workflow and collaboration: Establish the publication, issue and page structure in your CMS platform. Editors can assign content to InDesign pages directly from your CMS.
  • Enhance designer productivity: DUET can be loaded onto a designers’ workstation for access to content at their fingertips. Less content handling tasks leaves more time for layout creativity.
  • Save money with greater efficiency and flexible storage: DUET improves efficiency and saves publishers hours of production time.

ePublishing clients have the advantage. DUET integrates seamlessly with ePublishing’s solutions. Request a free consultation and demo on how you can improve efficiencies in your digital and print workflows with DUET.