Continuum Newsletter Manager


Continuum Event Manager Time Zone Supported Released

December 20, 2021


Newsletter layout now supports up to 100 components in a single newsletter.

Articles can be associated with newsletters directly from the Article Manager.

Order Manager

Continuum now shows a progress bar that visualizes the export is happening. While the export is running the user can go to any page in the admin and the progress bar will be shown in the bottom left of the page. 

Event Manager

Continuum now supports adding a description to the pricing options in the Event Manager.


Exit workflow button - Once a story is “exited workflow” the history is updated with who hit the exited workflow button. This enables the story to be claimed again and put back into the workflow.

File Locking

File locking is now supported. This feature can be implemented on your site(s) to support locking of write access for a single user. This feature ensures that only one user can edit an asset at a time.