Continuum Workflow Manager


Continuum Media Manager Now Supports Thumbnail View in the Drawer

December 7, 2021

Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager is now available. 

Supports assignments including "due dates". Assignments can be emailed to the assigner and the assignee.

The directory list shows articles that have and have not been claimed.

Filtering based on "due dates, publication date, Assignee and workflow status.

Media Manager Drawer

Media Drawer now supports a list view and a thumbnail view.

Event Manager

Preview of Event is now supported.

General Admin 

Continuum will now warn a user if attempting to navigate away from an article and they have not saved their text changes.  We now display a message that reminds the user they have not saved their work. The user has the option to save their work or navigate away. If the user navigates away any unsaved changes will be lost

Article Manager

Based on a setting, Publish date and time are no longer defaulted to the time the article is created. When the user hits the publish check box the publish time and date field populates with the time of checking the publish box.