Continuum Image Cropping


Continuum Media Manager Image Cropping Tool Released

December 7, 2021

Media Manager Enhancements

  • Media Manager has been updated to support Credit and Caption. The description field remains available.
  • While uploading images the description and credit are automatically added to the image metadata in Continuum.
  • Support for saving a copy of the cropped version of an image
  • Allow folder selection when uploading and embedding a file from within Article, Events, Pages, Directories 
  • Code view editing support for Caption and Description fields

HTML Mode for Composing Content 

  • Once you turn it on in one article (or page) it will use that setting in all the articles - no need to click it on each time.
  • It's based on a user's browser, not a user setting or system setting.
  • If you format html by hand and when you add a tag, it automatically adds the end tag - so if you type in the code for "open paragraph command" it automatically puts the "end paragraph command" right after your cursor.

Page Manager 

  • AddedHTML mode to Pages Module

Article Manager Enhancements 

  • Support for adding an author from the article page.