Circulation Management System Enhances Dispatch Functionality

September 30, 2020

As part of our v.15 update, we made changes to our subscription management system’s dispatch capabilities. It can now be used to easily send a carrier or someone from the office to deliver a newspaper if it was missed on the original route. While we’ve had the functionality for a while, we’ve added the ability to mark the order and send it immediately to better serve our newspaper clients.

How the Enhanced Dispatch Functionality Works

The customer service team can put in a request for re-delivery. From that screen, they can specify whether or not the carrier should be charged for the delivery (a charge back). In those cases, the fee would then be included on the corresponding carrier billing statement.

In addition, customer service can also mark the issue that was missed, as well as the day and time the missed issue was reported. They can even provide reasons it occurred.

The CSR can also log a comment and indicate whether or not an escalation email should be automatically sent to a supervisor signifying a more serious issue.

These features are located in the inquiry screens where customer service representatives primarily work.

In the Fulfillment Module, the CSR can indicate when the item was re-delivered. This information can then be posted to the subscriber and carrier records for history, reporting, and billing information.

Who Can Use the Dispatch Features

While the examples given here primarily feature newspapers, it can be used by any publisher who needs to reship. They can use it to re-deliver any item or enter any request for shipment where shipping history is needed.