Introducing Duet, a Modern Digital-to-Print Workflow Solution


Introducing Duet, a Modern Digital-to-Print Workflow Solution

November 16, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our new product, Duet. This solution allows users to dramatically reduce the cost of producing print pages and manage print page production workflow from your web CMS. The Duet approach gives you the opportunity to stop paying for old, outdated editorial systems that frustrate your teams and consume a lot of your budget.

Duet was developed for a digital-first world to make layout and design more efficient and less expensive by linking CMS platforms with Adobe InDesign. Editors and designers can work from your CMS where content is assigned to pages. Then, they can open the page where the ads will be automatically placed, and designers can drag and drop content.

How Duet Works with CMS Platforms

Duet establishes the publication, issue and page structure in your CMS platform. Then, your teams can create content in the Web CMS, assigning it to a page. When the page is opened, the Duet stories list is displayed within Adobe InDesign. From here, your team can place the content on a page.

Adobe InDesign and the Duet plugin are installed on local Macintosh or Windows computers, giving designers access to content at their fingertips. Duet doesn't get it in the way of their layout creativity, and it costs much less than traditional editorial systems.

Our plugin can even merge pages and provide the workflow status of pages. It automates folio placement, as well as PDF placement in the output folder structure. It also supports output workflow and naming conventions.

Why It’s Different

With Duet, Adobe InDesign is installed directly onto a designer's workstation. This provides the ultimate in performance and flexible workflows. It also offers the publisher more choices regarding where pages can be stored – on a local server or any cloud-based system. 

Many providers force publishers to use Adobe InDesign over-the-wire with emulation software. This adds layers of complexity, causes performance and constant IT problems and invites security issues and glitches. With DUET, you are in control and can set your own cost structure for page storage.

Current integrations are in place with Ellington CMS and Continuum. However, Duet is available for use with any CMS. 

Learn more about Duet by scheduling a demo with our team