Now is the perfect time to evaluate how efficient your operations are. What processes have you been taking for granted that can be greatly improved?

More important, how can you streamline your operations and get more out of them? The most common opportunity is to revamp editorial workflow. There are likely to be opportunities for operational efficiencies, and even great sales, in many places. Ready to take a closer look?

  • Does it take more than 15 minutes to get out a newsletter?
  • How many data silos do you have?
  • Must you “touch” articles separately for web and print?
  • Can you capture buying indicators to use for lead generation?

ePublishing clients have the advantage. Efficient editorial collaborative tools – with enter-once-distribute-anywhere data flow – save an organization countless hours each month.

Everything else is changing. It’s time for organizational and technology changes to meet the new publishing normal.

Download your complimentary Efficiency Checklist nowIf you find one thing that you can change for the better, you’ll be ahead of the game.