Launching Sub-niche and Topical Newsletters


Launching Sub-niche and Topical Newsletters

June 11, 2020

Are you signing up enough new readers?

Leverage traffic for more revenue and build brand equity. Create topical and sub-niche newsletters as the market demands. Some may have short and profitable lifespans, while others can become reliable revenue.

You already have the content. Sell sole sponsorships, not multiple ads. If you cover the security market, there are advertisers who’d love talking to those just interested in cameras and video. Follow your ad-trend clusters and launch the matching sub-niche newsletter.

  • Could you find a sponsor for a Recovery & Resilience newsletter in your market? Look for topical opportunities like that. 
  • Sub-niche newsletters don’t need big traffic. Many sponsors would be happy to “own” the right thousand or two buyers. Include sponsor list.
  • Tip: With a CDP building quick registration gets way easier. (Ask us about Reader Intelligence CDP)
  • Make them at least 2x/month so they appear real; monthly is too random. Weekly if the topic and advertisers can support it.

ePublishing clients have the advantage. Since putting out each newsletter edition takes less than 15 minutes, the sponsorship dollars can fall to your bottom line. Efficient editorial collaborative tools make this a breeze. Let us help you get out more newsletters.

As you look to help your market survive and thrive, help yourself as well. Ask us how the Reader Intelligence CDP can transform your marketing.