Payway Integrated with Our Recurring Billing System

July 29, 2020

We recently launched a new integration with Payway, a credit card processor. When our platforms are used together, they help publishers easily charge credit cards in real-time and automate recurring billing. Below, find details on how it works, the security it provides and our billing options.

Payway and Multipub Integration

When using Payway and Multipub together, credit card numbers can be entered in Multipub, encrypted and sent to Payway for charging. Then, a token is sent to Multipub, linking a subscriber’s Multipub Payment Profile with their credit card information, which is stored in Payway. This Payment Profile allows Multipub to perform recurring billing, adjustments, refunds, etc. to the subscriber’s card without storing any credit card data in Multipub.

Recurring Billing

One advantage to maintaining credit cards on file is the ability to offer recurring billing. Today, many companies are offering an EZPay monthly billing subscription option.

When setting up a new, recurring charge, it works like this:

  1. Begin by entering the order with the credit card that is to be used for this and future charges.
  2. An authorization code is then passed to Multipub, indicating a charge was processed.
  3. Additionally, a token is passed to Multipub, enabling the creation of a Payment Profile in Multipub.
  4. The recurring billing is set up automatically, based on how the order was entered. (Monthly automatic renewals, 12x installment billing, 4x installment billing, annual automatic renewals, etc.)
  5. If automatic renewals are created, the credit cards are automatically charged as part of revenue recognition, issue label processing, or on a regular nightly basis.
  6. If installment billing is used, installment bill charges can be processed on a regular basis, producing files to automatically charge the credit cards as needed.

Security for Our Recurring Billing System

To maintain the security of our system, we don’t store any credit card data in Multipub. Instead, any information entered into our platform is immediately encrypted and then, sent on to Payway.

Although we don’t store card numbers, we do offer clients the ability to vault credit cards. This can be valuable if a subscriber provides a new card number to use in the future. Using this functionality, you can link multiple cards to a single account and then indicate which ones are active.

Daily Newspaper Billing Options

In Multipub, users can set-up issues and specify the number of days for automatic renewals. This notifies the system to automatically charge the credit card every xx days, i.e. every 28 days, 30 days, 365 days, etc.

For newspapers, we took this customization one step further. Because their pricing can vary by issue day, the cost can change each month, affecting the price of a recurring monthly subscription. As part of our integration, we added the ability to set pricing by month. This ensures that monthly subscription prices can stay consistent no matter the number of days in a particular month.