Shouldn’t your publishing software do as many things as your phone?


Shouldn’t your publishing software do as many things as your phone?

July 22, 2020

Imagine if you had to carry a separate camera, thermometer, scheduler and 20 other devices to work alongside the phone in your pocket. How cumbersome would that be?

An enterprise publishing system provides control of everything in one place. A CMS must do more than place words on your website. Web-related technology should be the living, breathing heart of your business: where content, audience data, advertising, marketing and sales are integrated to work together.

Never spend again on separate publishing-related applications. Make sure you can manage all of this and more from one dashboard: 

  • Web CMS – Fresh design, higher traffic, more audience engagement. Deliver content to readers based on demographics and behavior.
  • Editorial Collaboration – With dispersed staff and freelancers, one system should enable everyone to work together with solid management control. Newsletters should be automated.
  • Paywall & Metering – Build your audience with metering; get paid for your most valuable content.
  • CRM – Keep all your audience and user databases functioning together. Combine all purchasing, readership and activity data.
  • Print Workflow – Editors and writers should be able to work together in one system, organized by issue and flow directly to InDesign for print.
  • SEO – Automatically create meta-data and auto-select important keywords with spider-friendly, human-friendly and canonical URLs.
  • Product Management – Control sales of events, ebooks, reports and other content. Sell hard-goods with shipping and tax rates.
  • Video Control – Manage your videos in one place whether in your video player, or on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.; place them in any article.

ePublishing clients have the advantage. In addition to all these capabilities, you can integrate with any vendor that touches your content or audience data. Leverage the value of having this all together in one solution. 

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