Make Your Advertisers Happier by Receiving More RFQs


Make Your Advertisers Happier by Receiving More RFQs

August 14, 2020

There is nothing your advertisers like more than receiving sales leads. When you make the process of researching and making purchases easier for your readers, they love it too!

Almost everyone knows how powerful Buyers’ Guides and Directories can be. Across many of our clients’ sites, there is a whole-lot-of-revenue being generated by selling premium listings and offering lead generation and value-added resources for advertisers.

A reader can visit your Buyers’ Guide and ask for a Request For Quote (RFQ) from whichever advertiser they are interested in. Powerful, sure; but why stop there? Make it easy for them to request quotes from multiple companies at once. They fill out a quick form, and in one click it sends their RFQ directly to all the advertisers the buyer is interested in hearing from.

So if you have a Buyers’ Guide (yay for you!) – it is simple to enable our Request For Quote feature – please talk to your project manager or visit this Knowledge Base article.