Admin Upgrades: Searching Articles is Better Than Ever


Admin Upgrades: Searching Articles is Better Than Ever

March 27, 2018

Have you ever wanted to find an article in the admin tools but just couldn't remember the exact headline? Eventually you found it on page 3 of the results but if only you could have narrowed the search in the first place.

Heads up on an upcoming enhancement release.

Along with the existing search by content, IDs and date we have added some useful new search criteria guaranteed to save time and practically read your mind.

Only looking for published articles? Now you can.
Only looking for articles tagged as 'Featured'? No problem.
Want a list of all the articles in a topic taxonomy? You got it.

Search by any combination of content, ID, posted date range, published status, site placement taxonomy, classification taxonomy and topic taxonomy. And, as always, you can sort the results by headline, created date or post date.

Want the full skinny on the Article Manager and new search functionality coming on Monday, April 2nd? Check out the informative page in our ePublishing Knowledgebase.

Move fast and show them your tail lights.

Gregory Sherrow
VP of Client Solutions