Searching for Page Manager Upgrades? You've Found Them.


Searching for Page Manager Upgrades? You've Found Them.

April 16, 2018

What do you do when your Page Manager tool is jealous of your Article Manager tool? Upgrade it, of course.

In the bad old days (okay, yesterday), if you were looking for a Page Manager page you had already created, you could sort alphabetically by title or URL but that was it. But what if your page title and URL began with 'M'?

It was the kind of nightmare scenario that the original architects never considered. Fear no more. You can now find articles beginning with any letter or any word, for that matter.

Not good enough? Okay. How about searching by a last modified date range or status? That's going in the right direction but we're not done yet. Just for you, I'm throwing in a full taxonomy search.

That's right. There's no holding back here at ePublishing.

Want the full skinny on the Page Manager and new search functionality? Check out the informative page in our ePublishing Knowledgebase.