About the Client:

Located in Prescott, Arizona, Wolfe Publishing Company sells a combination of subscription and one-off products on their site. Their titles include Handloader, Rifle, Successful Hunter, The Upland Almanac, Load Data and Black Powder Cartridge News. Before choosing Multipub, they were looking for a subscription management system that could handle their mix of products, along with sales tax and gift subscriptions.


Wolfe Publishing Company offers a combination of subscriptions and one-off products. They were looking for a system that could handle both, along with sales tax and gift subscriptions. It was important to Wolfe that their provider would offer on-site, system training to their team.


Upon choosing Multipub, Wolfe Publishing Company needed to convert from their existing system to ours. Having completed several conversions like theirs, we worked to make their implementation as seamless as possible. Now, with our system and comprehensive on-site training, they can manage subscriptions, products, sales tax and gift subscriptions all in one place.

Client Quote:

“In addition to having the functionality we needed, Multipub had also converted clients from our old system to their platform. They drew on their past experiences to ensure our conversion went smoothly. They guided us through the process, making it as painless as possible.”

Donald R. Polacek, Owner/Publisher, Wolfe Publishing Company

The Benefits of Multipub:

  • Manages subscriptions and products in one platform.
  • Has experience converting from Wolfe’s past system.
  • Handles sales tax and gift subscriptions.
  • Integrates with websites.