Now Available: Full Site Delivery Over SSL


Now Available: Full Site Delivery Over SSL

May 13, 2016

As we all know when Google sneezes, millions of web sites catch a cold.

Google first suggested in the summer of 2014 that they would prefer a “secure web” for us all. The benefits of course are many: from ensuring third parties don’t grab more information on your readers than you would like (looking at you social sharing applications) to the power of having your site verified by a trusted third party.

Now that we have actual data that search engine rankings are positively impacted — and it was not a head fake — we believe the ROI is there to serve everything through Transport Layer Security (TLS). This means ePublishing will serve your whole site under HTTPS, not just your eCommerce and password/login pages.

The performance impact of running HTTPS on your entire site is very small on the server side — and pages will serve just as fast as they do today to your readers and end users.

Server and network technology for delivering content over HTTPS have come a long way and ePublishing has tuned our entire application and infrastructure to insure that your pages will serve just as fast using SSL.

If you would like to hop up on the couch and discuss your insecurities, and more importantly how we can improve your search engine rankings, please reach out to your solutions manager.

This is not an insignificant undertaking for your sites - every page, every link and every integration must be thoroughly reviewed and then remediated before we turn on full security for your site. 

We do believe the work is worth it.

As always, for more information please visit our knowledge base to find out more about preparing your site for SSL or talk to your project manager.