On March 17th, we released a few minor (and really useful) updates to the admin tools. You may now ...

  1. Easily find the database ID numbers
  2. Edit the legacy ID field in the User Manager.
  3. Edit any newsletter rendering option

Easily find the database ID numbers

You can now find the database ID number for content in the following tools:

  • User Manager
  • Article Manager
  • Blog / Blog Post Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Directory Listing Manager
  • Editorial Content Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Classified Manager

Display Content IDs


What this means to you ...

These shortcuts will make it much faster to use the tools. The Edit by ID functionality available for many tools allows you to quickly jump into the content, make your changes, and move on to the next item of your To Do list.

Curious where the Edit by ID functionality is? Look for the "Edit by ID" link in the navigation or you can enter the ID number directly into the relevant tool's Search form to return that content in the results.

Article Edit by ID


Edit the legacy ID field in the User Manager

If your site is integrated with an audience database, circulation management or fulfillment system (such as Knowledge Marketing, Multipub, Hallmark or Omeda) and uses our Legacy ID field to hold the circulation vendors database ID number for the user, this formerly read-only field is now available to be edited.

Edit Legacy User IDs


What this means to you ...

This is a powerful tool that Customer Service staff have requested to address potential duplicate records and new site registrations that need to be linked to an existing circulation vendor database ID. This gives more control to your staff to better serve your users.

and last, but not least ...

Edit any newsletter rendering option

If you have a newsletter tied into ePublishing's system, and you would like to change out the newsletter's header image, or control other variables that may have been set up for your newsletter, you may now do so. Previously, we had this subform of the Newsletter Manager locked to only being editable by ePublishing staff to ensure quality. Now, based upon your requests, we have opened this powerful tool to your staff.

To find this subform you may not have noticed,

  1. Go to the Editorial menu
  2. Mouse down to Newsletter and select List & Edit
  3. Select the newsletter you wish to review
  4. Mouse over the Edit >
  5. Select the Rendering Options subform

Newsletter Rendering Options

What this means to you ...

Opening the rendering options to your team grants you the ability to re-use an existing newsletter template for a new newsletter without help from our team. We will be updating our Knowledge Base articles in the coming weeks to give you basic steps. What you can update in your newsletter is highly customized to individual sites.

  • If you don't see any content in the Rendering Options subform, it means no newsletter is actually wired into our system. We may only be sending new user sign-ups to your email service provider (ESP).
  • If you only see two rendering options (layout and templates), talk to you Project Manager about determining what elements of your newsletter template could be controlled by Rendering Options.


  • If you see names like font.color, logo, logo-image, style, etc., by simply changing the values here, you will change the newsletter's HTML when it is generated by our system.

This means you can change your newsletter immediately, and without extra costs. You can also create a new newsletter based on the rendering option values. Make sure to use all of the rendering options from the original newsletter, and just change the values indicated by your PM or any custom documentation provided by us for your site's newsletters.