Authorize.Net Technical Updates Messages


Authorize.Net Technical Updates Messages

March 4, 2016


Many of you use Authorize.Net to take payments through your ePublishing website. If this rings a bell, then this note is for you.

Recently you may have received an email from Authorize.Net alerting you to changes that they are rolling live. Rest assured that we have been aware of these changes since they were first announced. In other words...

Relax! We've got your back.

If you are curious to learn more or if you have trouble getting to sleep at night and you'd like some technical details to help, we've got plenty...

We are rolling out an upgrade to the newer URLs recommended by Authorize.Net. The switch to the new URLs is a seamless process that will deploy in time for the switch.

Sequential IDs
We do not have any internal requirements related to sequential IDs as such we are unaffected by this change. Our storage limit for transaction IDs is already more than 20 digits so we are also unaffected by this change.

RC4 Ciphers
As part of our own security messages we disabled RC4 ciphers when they first came under attack. Our internal systems will have no issues connecting to Authorize.Net after they turn off support for RC4.

TLS 1.2
Finally, we are able to support TLS 1.2 on outbound requests (i.e. requests to Authorize.Net) and will have no issues if they make that a requirement.
If you have any questions about the Authorize.Net upgrade, simply reach our to your friendly ePublishing Project Manager.

Gregory Sherrow
VP of Client Solutions