SaaS Update: Post Sales Engagement + Improved Hubspot Integration


SaaS Update: Post Sales Engagement + Improved Hubspot Integration

April 24, 2016

Post Sales Engagement

In the never-ending quest to help our clients sell more and better engage with their readers, we have a new SaaS update to improve the post purchase process. Experts say “make a customer, not a sale” - and one way to reinforce your brand is to improve post-sale engagement.

Our latest SaaS update engages your customers in new ways; after purchasing a product, subscription, event or even an article "by the drink”, we make it easier to re-download purchased files and see the links to view purchased premium articles / videos / audio / individual newsletter issues.

Meanwhile we encourage more one click sales with simple BUY IT AGAIN and RENEW (for subscriptions) buttons.

To reduce calls to customer service (especially for B-to-B), we have also added the ability for your customers to download invoices directly out of ePublishing so that they may submit them for reimbursement.

Head over to our ePublishing KnowledgeBase to learn more! (all of 'em apply)

... and we have a new integration ...

Hubspot Integration logo

Hubspot Marketing Automation

Did you know that Hubspot ls all grown up? Years ago when we did our first Hubspot integration, Hubspot was focused on analysis and conversion. They did a decent job of it and continued to grow. Fast forward to 2016 and our latest integration which does so much more.

A client came to us with a problem: Sales CRM was handled on one platform, marketing newsletter sends and digital marketing in a second, with promotion and conversion analysis in a third.

The solution: consolidate customer messaging through Hubspot and ePublishing in order to combine CRM, marketing and conversion tools in one place.

Now, when a site visitor subscribes to a free newsletter there is no delay in figuring out how to get them to jump into the funnel leading to a paid subscription, a product purchase or webinar. Did someone hit a webinar first? No problem. The rules are already in place to encourage the next step in the relationship. They get the follow up message before they even finish watching.

Does this sound like something you'd like to do as well? Contact your project manager to learn ways in which we can integrate you with Hubspot and energize your top line.