St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune


St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune

June 11, 2015

About the Client:

With 55,000 paid subscribers, the St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune is the country’s top union paper. Founded in 1937, it covers national, regional and other local news important to Organized Labor. Delivered weekly, the paper has more than 60 subscribing unions and is the only AFL-CIO endorsed newspaper in the bi-state metropolitan region.


Subscription management was a challenge for the St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune. Their paper is mailed to the homes of 55,000 union member subscribers, but paid for centrally by 60 different local labor unions. Although the paper is published weekly, not all subscribers take the paper every week. Getting their paper in the mailboxes of the right subscribers on the appropriate week is no easy task.


To offer the complexity needed, we designed a custom solution that generates union invoices based on the number of copies delivered to members of each union. It also allows unions to manage their member subscribers by submitting lists that are then uploaded into Multipub. In addition, we trained their staff, so they could get the most from their subscription management system.

Client Quote:

“Our subscription manager, controller, and technical consultant have established ongoing relationships with their counterparts at Multipub, so a small glitch never becomes a big problem. Their staff has proven to be attentive, proactive and resourceful in handling our concerns, and we’re glad to be partnering with them.”

Marvin Naftolin, General Manager, The St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune 

The Benefits of Multipub:

  • Handles complicated group subscriptions and billing arrangements.
  • Offers flexibility to adapt with their business.
  • Provides ongoing training and support.
  • Uses our send frequency functionality to accommodate subscribers who do not receive a paper each week.