About the Client:

Founded 40 years ago, Natural Gas Intelligence, was created to tell the story of the natural gas market in North America. A family-owned business, the publication remains committed to that vision, empowering businesses, economies and communities with natural gas price transparency and key news, insights and data.


Before choosing Multipub, Natural Gas Intelligence was using a system that made subscription management time-consuming. To manage their titles, they had to separately log into each publication. This meant they couldn’t view all of a customer’s subscriptions in one place. They were also looking for a user-friendly platform with robust engagement data and API’s that would connect to their site.


Multipub is a subscriber-centric platform, allowing users to view multiple titles and valuable engagement data from a single customer record. The system uses API’s to ensure clients can connect Multipub to their website and other business solutions. Natural Gas Intelligence links their site and email to our platform to gain a complete understanding of what is of value to their clients. While this data is accessible at the customer level, it can also be found in our reporting module to provide users with a comprehensive view, which is perfect for trendspotting and forecasting.

Client Quote:

"Multipub’s subscriber-centric set-up and website integration saves our team valuable time. We’ve found that it increases our efficiency and boosts accuracy, giving us the space to focus on efforts that grow our business."

Barbara Bolen, Finance Director, Natural Gas Intelligence

The Benefits of Multipub:

  • Subscriber centric system
  • Robust engagement data
  • Website integration and API connections
  • A custom view with data points, like site licenses, comments, orders and activities, in one place