In 1994, the Center for Inquiry was looking for a subscription management platform. At the time, they needed a single system that could manage multiple magazines and produce invoices and renewals.


Multipub delivered on both counts and has continued to grow and evolve with their business. Since our partnership began over 20 years ago, they, like many publishers, are now using our system to manage web products. We have also partnered to build a database specific to each of their target markets. Having the capability to see an individual subscriber’s interests is an integral part of their customer service and sales strategy.

Client Quote:

“Though we’ve both grown significantly since we began partnering in 1994, Multipub has consistently provided great support to our team. Willing to help with anything, we can count on them to pick up the phone or respond to an email to troubleshoot any issues that arise.”

Jacalyn Mohr, Subscription Manager, Center for Inquiry

The Benefits of Multipub:

  • All magazines managed in one platform.
  • Ability to produce invoices and renewals.
  • Customized database that supports their unique verticals.