About the Client:

American Lantern Press began publishing in 1988. Since that time, they began issuing Independent Living followed by The Bellinger Report and added product sales to their Off Grid website. They needed a subscription management platform that could easily support all of their offerings.


American Lantern Press was using a subscription management system that placed product and subscription information in separate databases. With their mix of subscriptions, premiums and one-off products, they couldn’t easily access a complete view of each subscriber. They were looking for a platform that would streamline their efforts and house their data in a single place.


With Multipub, American Lantern Press can quickly access a 360° view of every customer. At the subscriber level, they can see product and subscription information in one place. Since that time, we’ve continued to evolve with their business, helping them migrate to Multipub’s Cloud solution. This change frees them from maintaining and managing servers in-house.

Client Quote:

“Converting to Multipub saved our team valuable time and provided more comprehensive insight into our customers’ needs. Now that we’ve migrated to their Cloud solution, we can reduce maintenance and improve access. A valued business partner, we appreciate how they continue to evolve with us and meet our changing needs.”

Lee Bellinger, Owner/Publisher, American Lantern Press

The Benefits of Multipub:

  • Manages subscriptions and products in one platform.
  • Supports premiums.
  • Runs on the Cloud.