Six Reasons Buyers' Guides Should Be Part of Your Revenue Model

June 9, 2014

As a BtoB publisher, you know that revenue diversity is the key to success in our digital world. You’re probably constantly looking for ways to expand your model and generate more leads. You know that the face of advertising has changed and will continue to change (think native advertising and improved multimedia functions). That’s why it’s no wonder that buyers' guides or business directories are becoming an even more powerful tool for publishers—providing valuable information to readers and precious ad space and audience data to sponsors and advertisers.


If done correctly, buyers' guides provide the following benefits:

1)   A virtual storefront for your advertising customers, where they can expand their messaging and ensure consistent branding that engages customers with strong visual, intuitive and balanced content.

2)   Reputable Reviews. Buyers' guides, and any content, really, no longer need to be a one way communication.  Readers associate listings with your industry expertise and when combined with the relevant opinions of their colleagues, you've created valuable, multi-directional dialogue that adds credibility and helps readers make an educated decision.  Oh, and discussions have been shown to keep readers online, and coming back.

3)   Detailed Audience Data. You know the value of data, and when you are able to track reader behavior, you can cross reference demographics with information about articles read and downloads accessed that will help you and your advertisers identify content preferences and buying behavior.

4)   Automated Listings. Automation is the name of the game in marketing and when your advertiser can manage their own listings and access automated reports, you both win—in time and money.

5)   Increased Relevancy. Buyers' guide listings can be contextually related to other content on your website so that your buyers get the individualized experience they are looking for—the kind that translates to sales and happy customers.

6)   Greater Conversion. Studies show that buyers are often 90% through their buying process before they make contact with a vendor.  Buyers typically view three or more pieces of content about a product before making a decision.  Buyers' guides offer a way to stand out in a saturated market, by facilitating in-depth product research, particularly when integrated with other key elements of the shopping process:

  • Social Sharing
  • Video
  • Events
  • Contextual content and taxonomy tagging

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