News Reading Apps Only Growing; Influencing Content Strategy

September 4, 2012

There is a covey of news reading apps out there and we’ve talked before about how publishers who utilize them can benefit from increased site traffic and expanded audience engagement.  As a publisher, it’s worthwhile to keep your eyes on this ball.

Pulse expanded its mobile app into the web in August and enjoyed a rapid jump in users. Of note is the fact that 60% of those new users preferred to sign in through Facebook.

Meanwhile, one of Pulse’s primary competitors, Flipboard just celebrated its two-year anniversary, with 20 million users and the release of a collection of curated “TV” videos. The videos are offered in categories that include news, cooking, music, science, influencer and catwalk--adding another dimension to the already robust content coming from sources like NPR, ABC and the Food Network, on Flipboard. With a new user every second and 1.5 million daily users, Flipboard is finding ways to deepen engagement with its aggregated content.

The point?

News reading apps like Pulse and Flipboard hold a lot of potential for publishers, not just through increased audience engagement, but also for helping you to evolve with the technology. Social sharing, multimedia and mobile interface should all be part of your SaaS platform—so you don’t have to worry about rebuilding your hull—you can just step onboard before the ship sails.