Diversified Revenue Streams: Where is Your Paddle?


Diversified Revenue Streams: Where is Your Paddle?

May 30, 2012

Have you built the foundation for diversifying your revenue streams? If you are a B-to-B publisher, you may ask yourself this question, especially after reading the results of FOLIO’s most recent annual B-to-B CEO SurveyAlternative Revenue Streams

The results show incremental changes across categories, including slight revenue increases. But there's also indication that smaller publishers still need to make strides to more fully diversify revenue streams to supplement print. Even as these publishers saw increases in revenue from the print segment in 2012, larger trends show spending is focused on more diversified platforms. In fact, most respondents (both large and small publishers) indicated that online/emedia and events were the fastest growing segments of their business—and the most profitable.

Priorities for 2012 are on revenue, profits and expanding web businesses. There is less interest in revenue diversification—which FOLIO concludes may indicate that publishers feel comfortable with the structure they’ve put in place for new revenue sources.  Do you?

Do you have a SaaS CMS that supports multiple revenue streams?

Are you effectively engaging your audience beyond print subscriptions?

Is your website a go-to resource for quality content, related multimedia and products, event marketing and registration, as well as social dialogue?

Are you diversifying revenue without breaking the bank on cumbersome editorial processes?