News Relaunch Sets a High Standard for Grand View Media

May 4, 2012

Leading BtoB and BtoC publisher, Grand View Media Group, a division of EBSCO Industries, Inc. is positively aglow following the relaunch of 

Grand View’s primary goal when partnering with ePublishing: increase revenue for the company’s 19 online publications -- a tall order, considering many of the publications already lead their markets.

For starters, Grand View focused on increasing traffic to its BtoB sites, with intuitive design that presents a variety of deep resources supported by a unified SaaS Content Management Platform. CarWash improved on a successful model by presenting topic pages, search results and article pages that deliver semantically related resources to encourage readers to dig deeper. 

The change transformed the site into an essential, must-have resource for industry professionals.  Compared to the month prior to relaunch, traffic and audience engagement show increases across the board, with significant implications for revenue growth:

  • Site visits: 16%
  • Page Views:  65%
  • Time on site: 119%

With these numbers and a marked increase in ad impressions, Grand View is considering new revenue models for advertising and sponsorships--and finding a little time to celebrate before its next relaunch.