Last week, we talked about the importance of being your own audience in online publishing. Of course, it’s also important to understand the different generations that compose your audience, particularly the newer generation of readers. You want to know what they value and how you can reach them, not only to keep them engaged, but to broaden your reach.

A recent article on Yahoo Finance talks about the changing trends in consumer behavior and preferences—demonstrated by the millennials, or Generation Y. Aside from a declining interest in smoking, cars and TV, a few trends in this age group are particularly relevant to online publishing: use of email has declined, they are more likely to own a laptop than a desktop and they don’t typically get their news from print mediums—they get it online.  These trends certainly factor into the same formula that shows an increase in social media and use of mobile devices.

The point?  In order to maximize revenue growth, online businesses need to stay out in front of how customers access and utilize information and services as well as, communicate. Then, think creatively about how to engage them.

Remember too, that the millennial generation is propelling technology and engaging in a period of time that is changing more rapidly than ever. In this way, they are unusual—but it is not the only thing that makes them unique.

  • Be careful not to lump these readers into one general category. Listen to the conversations.
  • Make personal contact.
  • Provide valuable information and enticing, fun content.
  • Do what you say—stay consistent.
  • Connect across multiple platforms.
  • Take advantage of the fact that you can connect with these people at the beginning of their careers. Find ways to reach them through the classroom.
  • Work from a foundation that accommodates change—with a SaaS Content Management Platform.