The National Provisioner is the meat, poultry, pork and seafood industry's best-read monthly magazine. Its website,, adds value for readers and extends the brand by increasing update frequency and scope.  The site bridges the magazine’s monthly update cycle by providing daily news, events, commentary and other resources to engage its audience of operations, engineering and senior executives and suppliers.           

National Provisioner Network & Lead Advantage: Innovation Drives Advertising Revenue fosters a healthy business environment for online advertisers through its National Provisioner Network advertising program. extends the reach of its advertisers and sponsors by supplementing website ads with the Network, a portfolio of products to ensure advertisers reach readers via the website, video, email, custom publications and events.  And, with Lead Advantage and its ability to deliver targeted messaging, advertisers receive detailed lead information with complete contact information and performance data.            

Media: Video and Galleries Enhance Engagement, Time on Site readers are staying on the site and viewing more pages than ever, thanks in large part to the creative use of video, image galleries and podcasts. uses video for a variety of content, from a website tour, to market analysis by industry experts, to sponsored product information.  Similarly, image galleries and podcasts enhance text value while making the site more visible to search engines.

With the addition of video, images and audio, website content is more robust and engaging, with frequent updates that include the Urner Barry Daily Video alongside a market ticker that displays daily price points.  The daily ticker is unique to this site and the video provides additional sponsorship opportunities to industry advertisers. readers now receive unbiased, commodity market price quotations served with insight from industry experts and reliable information.

Content in Context: Audience Engagement with Targeted, Related Resources

Readers and ProvisionerOnline staff benefit from a variety of features that help present a depth of content easily and intuitively. Staff members relate and update content frequently, while readers access and share a wealth of relevant content that is presented to them based on what they are reading:

Articles by Topic targets unique audience specialties.
Related Products and Events on article pages add value as a source on technical topics while increasing sales and registrations.
Search Results present related articles, blogs, topic pages, events and products.
Podcasts, Video and Galleries semantically related to articles and advertising engage readers and improve site performance.
Social Media:Readers can easily share articles and view recent tweets and articles shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.  Readers can interact on the site by viewing and adding to Recent Discussions to foster an interactive community of readers.

Key Features:

  • Daily Video Updates
  • Daily Price Points Ticker
  • Advertising Management
  • Premium Content Delivery
  • Multimedia
  • Event Listings
  • eCommerce: Product Catalogue and Secure Shopping Cart
  • Related Content in Context: Articles and Search Results present related Products and Events

With a portfolio of publications spanning over 50 industries, BNP Media is tasked with the challenge of providing superior, unique content tailored to a range of specific audiences. When they partnered with ePublishing to relaunch 20 websites in a year, they wanted to give each of their publications the opportunity to build on their individual success and engage their audiences even more deeply. For Provisioner Online, this meant a new found capacity to update their readership, on a daily basis.