Maximizing Value from Video – Applying Lessons from YouTube to (Indy) Business

June 7, 2012

When relaunched their website, it wasn’t long before people noticed. They earned top honors at the EPPY Awards. But the rewards haven’t stopped there. recently released a redesigned video page that delivers something for everyone:


  • Engaging, insightful videos tailored for business professionals
  • A video catalogue, organized by Category, Most Viewed, or by IBJ Media Event
  • A wide selection of videos related to site content, optimized for search engine visibility
  • Simple drag and drop functionality to build a personal playlist
  • Social Media tools to share via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Email.  Or embed the video with a built in tool
  • Ad positions for house ads and related paid ads

There’s even a tool to “dim the lights” around the video player!

The new video page is the result of a successful partnership between IBJ’s IT leadership and ePublishing’s Software as a Service offering.   By outsourcing systems, software development and 24 x 7 service to ePublishing IBJ empowers its IT staff to focus creative energy on projects like the video page.

The result: projects to engage a larger audience and generate more revenue. With time freed up from addressing day-to-day technical issues IBJ has more freedom to build and tailor content and features that suit the growing needs of their readership and community. As a result, visitors enjoy multimedia, mobile apps, twitter feeds and more, while advertisers are provided ample and effective lead generation opportunities.

With this type of progress, it’s easy to see why IT can ask, “What’s next?” instead of “That, again?”