Show Us Your Content: Getting a Grasp on Content Optimization


Show Us Your Content: Getting a Grasp on Content Optimization

June 5, 2012

It’s easy for things to get complicated when you think about how to get your content in front of your audience. Sometimes it helps to think of it in simpler, tactile terms.

Keep these key components at your fingertips and control is in your hands.

The Thumb = Your Platform.  With a strong SaaS Content Management System, you have an editorial workflow system that gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to grow and change with the market. Without one, you are limited. Just think of what the thumb did for our species. 

The Forefinger = Quality Content. A high ranking on a Google search will only get you so far. People still want quality in their content and that is certainly what keeps them coming back and convinces them to stick with you.  Don’t compromise your content just because people increasingly communicate via sound bite.  Without the forefinger, the thumb can’t grasp nearly as much, or as well. 

The Middle Finger = SEO.  The middle finger gets a bad rap in our culture, but it is the longest finger on the hand—which means it has the greatest reach. Searches are still a predominant method for accessing content. SEO is constantly evolving and we are seeing that search engines constantly improve how they surface relevant and pertinent content. Continually refine your SEO efforts and pay attention to the changing trends—you will extend your reach.

The Ring Finger = SMO.  Social media isn’t just for announcing engagements.  Social Media Optimization is the new marketing science and likes, tweets, pins and shares are influencing audience engagement with your content. Don’t wait to see what happens; engage now.

The Pinkie = Mobile. Remember how the pinkie cried “Wee, Wee, Wee, all the way home”?  Okay, that was the pinkie toe, but the pinkie finger isn’t that much different. These days, folks are doing a lot of running and home is where the tablet is, or the smart phone, or the ipad. . .  The mobile market is only growing and therefore your content needs to adapt to mobile layouts and the mobile reader.

Keep these key components pointing in the right direction and you will have the world of online publishing in the palm of your hand.