Fresh Content Delivers, How Should You?


Fresh Content Delivers, How Should You?

July 17, 2012

We all know by now that it is just good SEO practice to keep your content fresh. You are more likely to stay in front of your target audience when you do so. Updating content is the first step in generating more traffic, which should generate more revenue when you incorporate your website with contextually related, engaging content, multimedia, social media and a solid eCommerce infrastructure.

Where’s the proof?  A few studies have emerged with data that can translate to the value of higher volume content generation. 

A report from HiveFire Inc. reveals click-through rates on a variety of practices related to fresh content:

  • 46% of click-throughs were on content posted through social media
  • 54% of click-throughs arrived via email newsletters

The report also showed that daily content curation showed more volume on click-throughs overall than on weekly content curation.

More recently, Press + did a study on some of their own customer sites and found that posting a higher volume of content on a daily basis let to higher subscription sales in the first month—and ongoing.  

These studies are a good reminder to provide fresh content, daily—but don’t forget to employ a few smart tactics:

1)    Don’t compromise quality for quantity

2)    Brand consistently across delivery channels

3)    Engage your audience with interactive content

4)    Provide relevant content that your audience finds useful

5)    Reference your competition to show your expertise and confidence

6)    Give your staff access to your fresh content, so they can engage with it, apply it to their work and build on it to contribute to your volume of future content

7)    Use a dynamic SaaS CMS that makes your content management simple and provides you with the infrastructure to work across multiple delivery channels, an interface that can handle mobile apps and a support team that gives you adaptability.